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Childrens Ministry!
Parents of 3-yr olds and up!
Jesus always had time for children- in fact, he used their innocent trust as an example of how we all should trust our Father in Heaven. You'll see the kids with us for part of worship- we believe it is a natural way for parents and the church family to pass on our faith to our children. Then there is a special time just for them in Children's Church in our "Bible Buddies" room!

We are excited to join our parents in teaching our children about God's love and his wisdom in the Bible. Whether it's at a Sunday group, or unique events like a VBS or our family activity night, we are committed to providing a safe, loving and Christian environment for kids.

Sunday Mornings
9:30 Music fun in the sanctuary (all ages)
9:45 Children's classes: Arky's, Bible Buddies and L.O.L.
10:45 Children join us for the start of worship.
* thru 5th grade dismiss to children's church after the children's sermon.

Middle and High School students!
"Rely on Christ!" is a message we all need to hear! We are committed to encouraging your faith and being a safe place for friendship and fun. Jesus chose many young men and women to be his disciples, and you have a lot to offer to our church family! You are important to us, and we want to encourage each other to stay faithful to God at school and at home.

Join us for our R.O.C. group meetings every Thursday, 6:30-8pm during the school year- and for unique events in between!
Check-out our ROC facebook page to keep up with what we're up to! Hope to see you there next time!

What about adults?!
At Mount Bethel Church we are sincere in our desire to engage with God in prayer and worship, to encourage one another to faith and good works, and to be equipped by the study of God's Word.
There are many ways in which Christians participate in the life of the church. Here are a few opportunities you will find at Mount Bethel throughout the seasons;

Music ministry- worship team, periodic choir, special music
Women's Bible study, Men's Bible study
VBS, church outings, Fall Festival
Lay leadership opportunities
Special studies and small groups

We want to insipre and encourage every person to explore what God is calling them to do, develop or join. You have a part in God's work all around you- we want to help you serve him more fully, completely and passionately!